09 Best Features of GetResponse that you should know

What is GetResponse:

GetResponse is a powerful easy to use an email marketing software. By using this software anybody can create landing pages, create campaigns, generate leads, and automate their business on online marketing. Online Marketer, work from people can sell their knowledge, engage customers, and also boost existing online sales as well.

The company was started in 1997 by Simon Grabowski who launched the first autoresponder. The company has more than 350000 customers worldwide in 183 countries. GetResponse currently supports nearly 27 different languages.

Their easy-to-use features and easy customization makes them user-friendly. Just because of that any beginners can easily access this. GetResponse support to small, medium as well as large businesses as well. More than 100000+ businesses were already growing with this company.

Who can use the GetResponse:

If you are an entrepreneur, businessman, small or mid-large cap company, online marketer, consultancy, marketing manager, or if you have any business online or offline then Getresponse is very useful for you.

Why GetResponse:

GetResponse is an easy-to-use software with multiple features. The simplicity and ease of usage of this software make them different from their competitors.

Features of GetResponse:

The company had very balanced features that anybody can use on their online business and run a campaign as well which were as below:

1.0 Email Marketing:

Nowadays, email marketing is a very fastest-growing technique to drive traffic to your landing page or online business. You can sell or promote any product without calling or meeting with the customers. Getresponse has thousands of email templates in ready format and you just need to update this template with your content.

To create a beautiful email you should not be creative as I said earlier GetResponse had multiple ready format templates. Their drag-and-drop design makes email marketing easier even for a beginner. No HTML skill required to create designs and create a campaign.

Autoresponders are automatic sequences of marketing emails. Anybody can schedule their email responses and earn money even though they were offline. Send an email at the right time to a customer, inform them about your broadcast and promote or share your knowledge.
By using this software you can create a powerful marketing strategy to get maximum clicks and conversion.

This service helps you to analyze your content. Track email sent volume, email open rate, clicks, and bounce rates. You can also search your send history. By using their statistics you can change or alter your marketing strategy. You can make your marketing moves as per your email performance and behavior.

Update the customer regarding order confirmations, receipts, reminders, and promotional newsletters or emails.

Build and manage your email list by using powerful tools and nurture your subscribers about your products, services, and offers.

You can split your email sequences amongst your subscribers to share knowledge, promote products or deals and offers. This functionality will help you in creating multiple email workflows at one time. Which helps users to perform an experiment for their marketing.

2.0 GetResponse Landing pages

GetResponse also helps you to create landing pages to grow your business. You can create landing pages with a free domain or else you can also use your custom domain and publish the page. Use a search engine optimized tool to optimize your content for your visitors.

Pre-designed Templates:

Getresponse had multiples of ready-made, pre-designed mobile-responsive templates which were designed for high conversions. You can choose which one fits your business and marketing. The built-in image editor helps to make the attractive look of the landing page look stunning with photos from Shutterstock and engaging gifs from Giphy.

Facebook Pixel:

You can create attractive Facebook ads or google ads and run a campaign. Use Facebook pixel and google tag manager to retarget your visitor and convert them as a customer.

Signup Forms:

Use the predesigned sign-up forms or create new ones by using blank templates. Use sign-up forms to collect leads by offering them any free ebook or by giving any free downloadable content. Nurture your leads with offers, promotions, and deals.


Get more sign-ups by precisely ticking popups.

Countdown Timer:

Let the visitors know that clock is ticking and they should grab the offers.

E-Commerce Tools:

Start selling on your landing page and get paid for your sales.

3.0 Marketing Automation

Use pre-designed templates of GetResponse or use your creativity and create a proper email automation plan to make your professional workflow.

By using this technique, get more subscribers and convert them into your customers and grow your business. Perform the experiments and make your business more profitable than previous.

Tags And Scores:

You can use a number of tags for better profiling. Engagements of scores will help to evaluate contacts.

Abandoned Cart Emails:

These are just follow-up emails to buyers who run away from your website without purchasing. You can easily create a workflow to automatically send them emails that will highlight the contents of their online shopping cart. This automation of email was really helpful when you had to bring down the number of incomplete purchases and increase your sales.

Website Visitor Tracking:

You just need to add your website URL to track the visitor and if someone visits a page you linked in your message, you can add scoring points or a tag. By using tags and scores you can improve your profiling and also evaluate the contacts.

Product Recommendations:

By using email marketing services and all other features anybody can easily sell their knowledge, work from home and recommend products, offers, and deals to their respective audience.

4.0 Webinars:

This is one of the best features of GetResponse where you can host unlimited webinars, the capacity of room attendees is up to 1,000. You can also share the live stage with two other presenters. The most important thing is, you can store up to 20 hours of webinar recordings.

Screen Sharing:

Share your screen with your attendees, share your knowledge and get more interaction.

Call-To-Action Button:

Ask your participant about what they should do, and give them the motivation to do so. You can promote or recommend your products to your attendees. Give them better offers and deals. Get more conversions.

On-Demand Webinars:

Make your content as evergreen and on-demand by using space for 20 hours of webinar recordings.


Make a live band with your participants and create spontaneous group discussion to produce ideas and ways of solving problems and help others.

Polls And Surveys:

Create polls and surveys to get feedback from your participants to improve your entire system and skill.

5.0 Conversion Funnel:

GetResponse has an automatic funnel creator feature where you can create your landing page, automate your best email marketing strategy, get more traffic and leads. Convert traffic into sales.

Automate abandoned emails and get confirmed orders from run-away customers. This entire process is known as an auto funnel.

Sales Funnel:

Run a campaign on social media sites. Get paid traffic and send them to the landing page. Collect the leads by using sign-up forms. Show your subscriber the best offer and deals. Convert visitors into customers.

Lead Magnet And List Building Funnel:

Funnels can be created to collect leads and grow your email list.

Webinar Funnel:

Build funnel for webinars. Show your knowledge and make good relations with your participants. Recommend them a product or offer a service.

E-commerce Tools:

Integrate your shop, create your product library, add payment methods straight from your pages, recommend products automatically, automate your emails, sell your products or services. Get more sales by using abandoned emails. Earn while you were sleeping.

6.0 Paid Ads:

This is an inbuilt tool to run and manage your social media campaign.

Facebook Ads:

Create, run and manage campaigns to get leads.

Google Search Ads:

Create search ads and find clients.

Facebook Pixel:

Retarget your customers as per their behavior and locations.

Social Ads Creator:

Create banners, videos, and animation to use in social ads.

7.0 Web Push Notifications:

Web Push notifications are sent to users on their mobile or desktop when the browsers are open.
Custom prompts: grow your web push subscription rates with custom opt-in prompts.

Unlimited Notifications:

Send unlimited notifications to users to engage customers.

Web Push Analytics:

Review the analytics. Review the user behavior and make your notification plan accordingly.

8.0 Sign Up Forms:

Get easy pre-designed sign-up forms with simple share sign uplinks. Get subscribers easily. Use sign-up forms to convert website visitors to subscribers.

9.0 Live Chart Support:

This is a new feature launched by GetResponse. Add this feature to your landing page or website. Chat directly to your subscribers or visitors when they need you. Engage them and make a deep relation and help them with your product and services. You can customize your chat window with a logo, choose your perfect color, and by sending a welcome message to your visitors.

GetResponse Pricing And Plans:

GetRespnse had very competitive pricing. You can choose the billing period as monthly, yearly, or twice yearly which means as per your budget.

The company had four different plans which were as:

Basic: starting at $15 per month to send an unlimited number of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers
Plus (Most Popular): starting at $49 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers.
Professional: starting at $99 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers.
Max: This is a negotiable and flexible plan.

Fair discounts are available for each and every plan if you pay for 12 or 24 months of service (18% and 30% respectively). Also, a 30-day free trial is also available.

GetResponse Support:

Customers can resolve their issues or problems by visiting help centers and reading articles and FAQs. You can browse the FAQs topics by using this link.

The company has already provided knowledge-based resources, videos, blogs, and case studies. And most important thing is that these resources were getting updated multiple times with fresh knowledge for their visitors and readers.

GetResponse also has certification-based programs where some articles are free and some are paid. You can check all the certification-based programs by using this link.

This resource helps to get knowledge of current trends in email marketing or online marketing. Some tips, tricks, and best practices to create and grow the business.

Support Team:

The company claims that they have a five-star customer success team that can support their customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Customers can chat live or they can send an email in one of eight available languages.

Pros And Cons Of GetResponse.


  • User-friendly interface for beginners and experts
  • Multiple tools and features are available under one roof
  • Highly competitive cost with respective there competitors


  • Spotty customer support
  • High complaint volume


GetResponse is easy to use software for online marketers with multiple features and highly competitive prices.

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